Our History & philosophy

As a leader, you don’t always know where to find the answers to your important questions.  We do.

After interviewing hundreds of senior executives, we found several universal needs for continued development: Relevant knowledge that applies immediately to the real world and corporate strategy; Deep, honest insight about where they are today, and where they can go from here; and eye-opening experiences to refresh and inspire. This feedback became the foundation for our three-pronged learning platform that combines the collective wisdom of a broad expert and advisory group, the diversity of thought of a new group of peers, and the magic of traveling to unforgettable places.

After spending collective decades in the leadership world - recruiting, training, assimilating - our founders determined there must be a better way to fuel continual leadership development. In 2018, Ascent Leadership Networks was born. Based in both Boston, MA and New York City, Ascent works to build dynamic leadership programs for individuals and corporate teams.