The Ascent Team

With more than 75 years of combined experience at the World Economic Forum, Spencer Stuart, BoardSource, and other leadership development organizations, Ascent brings transferable, unique, and trusted expertise. 

Kevin Steinberg |  Founder & CEO

Kevin Steinberg | Founder & CEO

Steve Kelner |  Co-Founder & Managing Director

Steve Kelner | Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tiffany West |  Co-Founder

Tiffany West | Co-Founder

David Styers |  Managing Director

David Styers | Managing Director

Ziva Mann |  Learning & Development

Ziva Mann | Learning & Development

Anand Sunderji |  Business Development

Anand Sunderji | Business Development

Lauren Beth |  Events & Operations

Lauren Beth | Events & Operations

Marietta Bryant |  Marketing

Marietta Bryant | Marketing


Meet Ascent Fellows


Our participants, “Ascent Fellows,” include a variety of chief executives and senior leaders eager who have an innate curiosity and a passion for leadership. They gain new perspectives on how to lead as they learn from world-class experts the tools, techniques, and approaches, as well as broader contextual trends and dynamics, affecting leaders today.

Whether you're undergoing sudden organizational growth, expanding your leadership role, or navigating a major career shift, you are not alone. Confront your world with confidence and a renewed commitment.


Board of Directors



Ascent’s Management Team is guided by its Board of Directors, which is actively engaged in setting its strategy and vision, and shares a core commitment to helping executive leaders unlock the full potential in themselves, and in their organizations. 

Kevin Steinberg |  Chairman & CEO

Kevin Steinberg | Chairman & CEO

Michelle Barmazel |  Member

Michelle Barmazel | Member

Steve Roberts |  Corporate Secretary

Steve Roberts | Corporate Secretary

Steve Kelner |  Member

Steve Kelner | Member

Tiffany West |  Member

Tiffany West | Member