THE Assessment


It’s about you

A critical part of the Ascent Fellowship is building self-awareness.  Prior to the first Immersion, each Fellow spends a half day with an expert executive assessor on a set of comprehensive assessments and discussions to create a nuanced understanding of each Fellow’s:

  • History as a leader 

  • Interpersonal style 

  • Current and potential leadership capability 

  • Leadership context 

Fellows then meet with their assessor to discuss the results of this deep analysis and to craft a personal development plan. 

participating in an established, insightful PROCESS 

The Ascent Assessment process includes five key components to ensure success:

  • A comprehensive approach, using a range of methods from online evaluations to in-person behavioral interviews and case studies, designed to create a holistic understanding of the individual; 360° interviews with colleagues fill in gaps and add nuance 

  • Leadership Capability Assessment, offering insights through six key capabilities critical to leadership performance, benchmarked against leaders worldwide: strategic thinking, leading change, leading people, driving results, collaborating and influencing, and building people capability 

  • Executive Potential Evaluation, using an in-depth interview looking at the deeper traits that predict how far specific leadership capabilities can be grown, and how quickly: cognitive ability, emotional and social intelligence, learning ability, and motivation 

  • Culture Alignment Framework, studying character and interpersonal style to understand values, drives, leadership style, and alignment with organizational cultures 

  • One-on-one debrief, using the assessment’s results to plan the growth that matters most 

Being a senior executive for 25 years, I believed I knew who I was and how to run my business life. Ascent’s assessment gave me a much clearer picture of myself and helped me define the path to follow in order to become a better professional. This has amazing value.
— Frederic Vieil, President and CEO, Hexagone


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