Why an assessment matters

It’s about you.


You’re tasked with an immense amount of responsibility as a leader. Not only does this occupy your time - but chances are – you’re also putting the company’s needs before your own. This is a great chance to focus on you.

As part of our multi-faceted personal assessment process, you’ll take a deep dive into your own story: revisiting how you got here; building self-awareness; exploring your vision for the future.


You’ll gain clarity around the challenges you’re facing as a leader, and renew your confidence and sense of self. This invaluable process delivers objective, insightful feedback to mentally put you on the right track.

Assessments can be broken out as standalone services or combined with any of our other offerings.

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Retain and employ what you’ve learned with a customized Personal Development Plan.

This Strategic Development Plan (SDP) - which can also take shape as a 100-day transition plan - outlines not only your specific goals, but also displays a detailed roadmap of how you’ll achieve your goals and stay on track. With six-months of follow-up, coaching, and status checks built-in to the Plan, we guarantee you’ll embody and employ this exciting, constructive new take on your leadership career.


Being a senior executive for 25 years, I believed I knew who I was and how to run my business life.

Ascent’s assessment gave me a much clearer picture of myself and helped me define the path to follow in order to become a better professional. This has amazing value.
— Frederic Vieil, President and CEO, Hexagone