IMMERSION ONE: Collaboration & Influence

Greater Boston: Harvard Yard & Edward M. Kennedy Institute 

The first Immersion focuses on the tools and skills needed to persuade, collaborate, and influence.  Fellows will engage in tailored simulations and exercises to bring concepts to life.  We will balance cutting edge with living history with the Harvard Faculty Club and the Edward M. Kennedy institute.  


  • Collaboration and Conflict Resolution at the Harvard Faculty Club: explore various methods of negotiation and influence with Daniel L. Shapiro, Founder and Director, Harvard International Negotiation Program 

  • Influence and Coalition-building at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute: experience what collaborative leadership really feels like via simulations in the Institute’s full-size replica of the U.S. Senate chamber 

  • Legacy-building and the Importance of the Dinner Table: engage in a deeply thoughtful and challenging “family dinner” with unique guests, inspired by the Kennedy family’s tradition of bringing the crucial questions of the day to the dinner table 


Dedicated to educating and encouraging participatory democracy, invigorating civil discourse, and inspiring the next generation of citizens and leaders, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute is a tribute to the Kennedy family’s storied engagement with public service. 

Note that the Ascent Fellowship is not formally affiliated with Harvard University, nor is a Harvard University program or activity.


IMMERSION TWo: Stakeholder Engagement

Greater New York City: Greentree Foundation Estate 

Building on the coalition-building and negotiation skills from Immersion One, the focus of Immersion Two shifts to public and private stakeholder engagement, as well as societal impact.  Here, we examine boards, governments, investors, employees, and customers, putting Fellows in situations that highlight the importance of global and local engagement. 


  • Stakeholder Engagement and Social Impact at the Greentree Foundation Estate in Manhasset, where the UN Security Council holds its toughest conversations.  Dive into multi-sector engagement and impact with select UN officials, the relationship between organizations and social impact with the B Team, and a deep exploration of board dynamics and executive succession with leading experts.

  • Complex stakeholder engagements  to learn how to overcome enormous obstacles and take advantage of unique opportunities. 


The B Team is a nonprofit initiative comprising global business leaders working to catalyze their peers as a movement and driving force for the sustainable, inclusive wellbeing of people and the planet.