The Secret to Great Leadership Programs


As Peter Drucker wisely noted, "Developing talent is business's most important task."  But the truth about leadership development would imply the opposite is happening:  63-65% of companies identify leadership development as their #1 current and future human capital concern, yet only 19% of organizations rate themselves as effective at developing leaders.

Exploring this reality further, we spoke to hundreds of senior executives and discovered that leaders yearn for growth.  We found several universal needs:

  • Feedback that provides deep, honest insight about where they are today, and where they can go from here

  • Knowledge that is relevant and applies immediately to the real world and corporate strategy

  • Experiences that are eye-opening, refresh, and inspire

Thus we believe the six key components of effective leadership development programs incorporate a holistic approach from design to delivery to follow-up:

  1. Curated, applicable content with discussion, simulations, and hands-on learning relevant to strategic objectives

  2. Assessment and benchmarking to craft strategic development plans for tangible, measurable growth

  3. Renowned faculty of expert practitioners, peers, and mentors drawn from diverse world-class organizations

  4. Inspiring places and thought-provoking venues that spark new ideas and connections and reinforce learning

  5. structured network to expand access to thoughtful leaders

  6. Ongoing development with multiple, ongoing touchpoints, check-ins over several months, and scheduled followup and goal setting

If you are looking to bring all these pieces together for your next offsite or retreat, contact Ascent at or visit to explore what transformative, tailored experiences we can deliver uniquely for you.

Marietta Bryant