Technological Disruption Also Disrupts Leadership: In a Good Way


Leaders must constantly navigate the ever-changing state of the world while keeping up with the seemingly daily transformations in technology. 

On Tuesday, November 13, at Techonomy 2018 in Half Moon Bay, CA, Ascent Leadership Networks hosted a lively breakfast focused on leadership and disruption with an excellent panel: Topher White (CEO, the Rainforest Connection), Sung Park (President, Archimedes), Dr. Amit Mukherjee (Founder, Ishan Advisors), Lowinn Kibbey (Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute), and Gina Hadley (Co-Founder, The Second Shift). We often hear about the negative impacts of technology, whereas this discussion touched on the positive aspects of technological disruptions:

  • There is a major opportunity for collaborations to develop new products that enhance business sustainability,

  • Humans have a desire to connect with technology; from tapping into potential uses for good to recovering from the stresses technologies can create

  • We have the opportunity to grow, to provide greater transparency and knowledge, along with improved access to information, that will help all of us make sense of everything in front of us

Sung Park suggested, "Schedule time to think: the quality of ideas is more important than the quantity of work you do." 

As Lowinn Kibbey questioned, "Technology is changing and illuminating human behavior, but can it improve it?"

Marietta Bryant