bold steps for future impact

April - july 2019

IMMERSION one: stakeholder engagement


The theme of our Spring/Summer 2019 program is Bold Steps for Future Impact. This Fellowship is specifically designed and curated for CEOs and senior leaders who have recently taken on new roles, whose organizations are undergoing changes, who are launching new ventures, or have otherwise expanding and shifting roles.  

In these circumstances, two sets of skills are critical for success: knowing how to work effectively with diverse and growing sets of stakeholders, and understanding how to innovate for both your own and your organization’s continued success.  The Fellowship explores both of these areas.

April 29 - May 2, 2019 

Greater New York City: Greentree Foundation Estate and Citi Field 

This first Immersion focuses on public and private stakeholder engagement, as well as societal impact.  Here, we examine boards, governments, investors, employees, and customers, putting Fellows in situations that highlight the importance of global and local engagement. 


  • Stakeholder Engagement and Social Impact at the Greentree Foundation Estate in Manhasset, where the UN Security Council holds its toughest conversations.  Dive into multi-sector engagement and impact with select UN officials, the relationship between organizations and social impact with the B Team, and a deep exploration of board dynamics and executive succession with leading experts.

  • Complex stakeholder engagements at Citi Field: partner with the Mets ownership team to learn how to overcome enormous obstacles and take advantage of unique opportunities. 


The B Team is a nonprofit initiative comprising global business leaders working to catalyze their peers as a movement and driving force for the sustainable, inclusive wellbeing of people and the planet. 

Based in Queens, New York, the New York Mets team was founded in 1962.  Still family-led, the Mets recently built and moved into the team’s new home, Citi Field.  The Mets supports the New York Mets Foundation, which funds charitable causes.


IMMERSION two: your future, your company’s future

july 10-12, 2019 

Greater San Francisco: Summit Skywalker Ranch

The second immersion builds on the stakeholder engagement theme of Immersion One to focus on innovation and technological change and transformation to what each Fellow wants to create: their own future and impact. 



The Changing Technological Context at the Presidio: learn from world-class experts about the factors driving technological change to develop a deeper understanding of current and future contexts 

  • Rapid innovation lab: get into an innovator’s mindset to work on your own individual challenges 

  • From Science Fiction to the Future You Want at Summit Skywalker Ranch: use the principles of science fiction writing and narrative storytelling to develop and map your long-term goals  


Summit Skywalker Ranch provides a residential experience like none other in the hills of Marin County, California, surrounded by some of the most innovative thinkers in the entertainment industry.