The Fellowship, Day by Day

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SELF  •  1 DAY

Executive Assessment

The program begins with a comprehensive development-focused assessment, diving into capabilities and interpersonal style, which becomes the foundation for individualized learning and growth.  The assessment is done one-on-one with a trained assessment professional who then follows the executive throughout their Ascent journey.

Ongoing interactions with mentors, coaches, and learning groups happen throughout all modules. 


Technological Disruption – Narrative – Legacy   •  2-3 Days

The first module takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, spanning time at Techonomy, to understand how technology will impact lives and businesses, and Summit Skywalker Ranch, to develop the narrative needed to leave behind the legacy desired. 

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Collaboration & Influence  •  2-3 days

The next module features world-leading academics who will focus the cohort on best practices related to persuasion, compromise, and influence. Simulations, exercises, and tailored experiences bring to life the latest management practices.


Stakeholder Engagement • 2-3 days

The third module focuses on learning how to successfully engage the various constituencies most relevant to senior leaders, such as boards, investors, employees, customers, etc.  We also explore ways to engage external stakeholders from executives’ networks and communities to more effectively embed organizations and people into the overall ecosystem. Faculty members include select UN officials, the B Team, and professional baseball team owners and managers.



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Nominations are currently open for our first two cohorts:

Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of leading family and/or founder-led organizations
September 2018 – May 2019

C-suite executives of large, rapidly growing multinational organizations
March 2019 – November 2019

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If you know someone who does not fit the above categories, but whom you think would benefit from Ascent’s programs, please nominate them and we will consider them for future cohorts.

The first cohort will convene from November 2018 through May 2019, with modules taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area (November 2018), Greater Boston (February 2019) and New York City (May 2019), with preceding executive assessments being conducted immediately prior (September-October 2018).   

To nominate candidates or ask questions about the fellowship, please contact us at:


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